Let Him Fall in Love Naturally – But Give Him a Little Help

Do you understand what’s really happening when two people fall in love? Is he still stuck in “phase one,” but you’re ready for more? Are you uncertain how to keep things growing and developing in a healthy direction? Men and women don’t follow the same path to love or find love at the same speed. That’s why many relationships crumble at the point you’re at right now. Some simple advice can save your relationship from growing sour by showing you the right way to let him fall in love naturally.

Love is a natural thing, and it cannot be forced by artificial methods. You can’t pass a law that makes everyone believe in good or like broccoli, and you can’t force a man to fall in love. Some things have to occur naturally from within person’s heart. But you can help to unlock the love that he is holding back.

First, you have to understand the male psyche. Men and women are hardwired very differently, and have opposite roles in nature. Nature tells you to find one compassionate man with good genes to give you a strong, healthy baby and to help you care for it. Nature tells him to sow his seed wherever he can, and the best of the bunch will survive. After sex, your body actually releases a hormone that makes you bond with your lover. For a man, sex drops him from a very high place to a satisfied low, where nature tells him that his job is finished and it’s time to move on. But men do have a feminine side and even a bit of estrogen that you need to connect with if you want him to fall in love.

You’ve seen those women who seem to have some mystical power to attract men and keep them wrapped around their little finger. The only thing they have that you don’t have is knowledge and insight into their men. The modern man does want to fall in love and share his life with a great lady like you. You know you can satisfy him physically; now you need to get into his head and fulfill his emotional needs and make yourself part of his life.

You’ve got his attention; he’s nibbling at your delicious bait. Now set the hook. Talk to him the way he talks to the guys. Your touch and presence already tell him everything he needs to know about your feelings. You have to get between his ears, become part of the story of his life, and make him need you to be the one that he shares things with. Make some dates that just let you bond with good conversation and give you some history and stories in common.

The best way to bring a man’s love into your relationship is not to let love be the overt and obvious object of your time together. Love is a by-product of shared time and mutual experiences heightened by intimate moments. Love is not a goal at the end of the tunnel. For a man, love comes as a surprise to him one day in the shower when he realizes that his whole being and life are now built around you – and it feels good and natural. Plant the seed in his head and in his heart, and let your man fall in love with you naturally.

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