Life Can Thrive – Even After Divorce

This morning, I was toying with the different qualities of God and put together two seemingly incongruous qualities: infinite and intimate. Consider that we are intimately involved with the infinite God! Wrapped up in infinity! It is something that I can feel now, after going through an unwanted divorce.

After a marriage that I felt I had prayed about and felt sincerely that I was led to resulted in divorce, I was deeply discouraged and felt I had very few prospects. Worse still, I felt that God had abandoned me. Now, I had nothing.

Some friends I had counted on for support kept insisting, however, that I was loved and had not lost my connection to God. This idea of light broke through curtains of shame and guilt and self-condemnation. And I swear, it was that little spark of an idea that kept me going.

It was like that spark was all I had to go on, really. As I accepted that I was still loved, I started gaining the confidence in my prayer and in God again. My life had not gone as I had planned, but there was still a purpose to my life.

I knew that my motive for my life was good and true, and that I could transcend this feeling of futility and sadness. I knew that I would be pursuing this goodness throughout my life, and could feel, that regardless of where it took me, I could be safe, cared for and move forward in my life.

These were small steps at first, but I started seeing more of the good that God was leading me to: in a friend’s support, in getting a new job and car, in appreciating a walk around a lake. A glimpse of beauty, accepting that I am good, a better understanding that God is my infinite source of comfort. These steps kept leading me out of a deep sadness.

These steps were like angel messages, guiding me to the divine Principle of all good. I understood just how close we are to God. As it says in the Bible, we are made in His very image and likeness and there is absolutely no way we can ever be separated from God.

As I understood the purity and soundness of my relationship to God, and the intimate love and care that God had for every detail of my life, I would see more of the infinite possibilities that opened up to me. I was wrapped up in the intimate love of God showing me that there are infinite possibilities for me. It was a turning point in my life.

It was a long journey, but I now see how much I learned and deepened my understanding of God.

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