Make a Guy Fall in Love With You – Turn Lust Into Love

Making a guy lust after you is fairly simple, but how do you make him fall in love with you? For most women, making a guy lust after them is a simple matter of dressing provocatively and flirting outrageously. But making them fall in love is a different matter entirely.

Most men have trouble distinguishing between lust and love. They fall in and out of lust quite easily. But how does a woman entice a man to move beyond his initial physical attraction to her and give her his heart.

There are a couple of fairly simple ways that really work to move the relationship from the lust stage to real love.

1 – Make him feel good

Encourage him to talk about his interests. If you can make him feel good about himself by sharing his enthusiasms, he will respond by associating those good feelings with you. All you really have to do is show interest in the things that he is passionate about (sports, for instance) and it won’t be long before he transfers the passion he feels for his favorite team to you. You don’t have to know a lot about the subject, just listen and respect his knowledge and interest.

2 – Don’t try to rush him

Even if you have fallen hard for him, don’t try to rush him into expressing his love for you before he is ready. Men tend to take longer than women do to develop and express their feelings. He may seem to be taking forever to “get to know you” before committing to any strong feelings toward you. But if he continues to want to be with you it’s a sign that you are indeed growing on him and you need to be patient and let his feelings develop. So it’s up to you to try to relax, have fun and wait for him to catch up with you.

If you follow these two simple rules, there’s a good chance he will fall in love with you on his own schedule – and that’s the kind of love that lasts!

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