Making Your Way in the Online Dating World Jungle

Maybe you’re one of those guys who’re quite skeptical when it comes to online dating. The reality is a lot of people actually meet through Internet dating sites. It works for them whether they’re looking for a casual encounter or for the love of their life. As a result, the Internet is also responsible for producing dozens and dozens of babies around the world.

Or maybe you didn’t get a date in a while. And you don’t want to take the risk of dating someone from your job. Or perhaps you’re kind of a hermit who can count the people in his social circle with a single hand? And so now you consider trying online dating.

So is it possible to get a date using online personal?

The good sides of using online personal

There are many advantages to using online personal.

You can do it all from the comfort of your home sweet home.

You can put and answers as many ads as you want once you’ve opened account.

You can experiment with different ads and different answers.

This is a great practice ground. Intros, conversations and so-called rejections are all without consequences because they’re done via email or chat rooms.

And last but not least… there are a lot of women online!

The dark side

Of course, the world of online dating is not without its traps and inconvenient.

You’re one among many.

What you’re seeing isn’t always what you’re going to get.

There are a lot of women online. Yes, that’s also a drawback since you may lose some time with low quality women.

How to get a date

First thing is you have to be a little bit creative. You want to think outside of the box. You want to be open to experimentations. Some psychology might help as well.

Why is creativity important? Because you want to be able to get a woman’s attention. We talk a lot about the attention age these days… Remember you’re only one amount the many. And intrigue appeals to woman. As in the world of business, you want to stand out and differentiate yourself positively.

In order to get a date, you first have to be convinced that it is possible for you to get a date. The best way to get a date is not to ask: “can I get a date using online personal?” You want to go from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality. The best way then is to reframe the question into a statement: “There are so many women online. Let’s find one who’s worthy of me.”

And so the best mindframe you can adopt is that of the chooser. You have to be crystal clear about what you’re expecting from a woman. Otherwise, you’ll finish with a less than quality one

Ask yourself three questions: what do you appreciate in a woman? What do you tolerate? What can’t you accept?

Are you looking for women with a deep feminine essence? Then you’ll recognize them by their playful conversation. They’ll use little nicknames or the word “cute” a lot like in “that’s so cute”.

Be honest with yourself. Are you looking for a woman who is reasonably pretty? Tell it.

You may want to look for women with a genuine sense of humour rather than sarcastic ones. Unless they’re your type of course.

You may also want to challenge them playful on their sexuality. Are they close-minded about it? I know some guys who successfully states that they’re looking for openly bisexual women

Are you looking for a woman who’s open to explore spiritual topics?

Does she like children? And pets?

Is she money and possessions oriented? (Beware of gold-diggers!)

Does she absolutely have to be single?

Once you know how to qualify women properly, you’re set. Someone said, in order to get a woman, you must be ready to lose them all. Succeeding in the dating world, be it online or “in real life” is first and foremost a matter of mindset. If you’re used to have a poor mindset in general, moving to the virtual world won’t improve your results.

Practical endnotes

Do not stay too long online with a woman. You want to bring her on the phone asap and then arrange a date.

Join in some of the singles chats or community bulletin boards. Some singles on the sites are looking for true love, while others just want to have fun.

There are hundreds of online dating sites out there, some great and some very bad. Check out some of my recommendation on my webpage at for info

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