Male Enhancement Size Creams – The Whole Truth You Need to Know Now

In this article we are going to discuss male enhancement size creams. If you are familiar at all with my writing, you probably are already aware that I only recommend all natural male enhancement exercises for penis enlargement. Why is this you ask? It’s actually quite simple: As someone who has tried just about EVERY approach to anatomical enlargement and met complete and utter failure at every corner, I have learned the hard way what is worth trusting….and what is not. Male enhancement creams, unfortunately, fall into the same camp as much of the other nonsense. Continue reading as we explore.

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The first male enhancement size cream I purchased came with much fanfare. I read about a ton of phenomenal results, and the price was reasonable, so I thought I would give it a go. I applied the “topical ointment” as it was called on the jar as directed, and the only thing I found growing was a strange rash all up and down my pelvis and other abdominal areas. To add insult to injury, when I emailed the guy on the contact page, he had the audacity to ask me if I might have poison ivy, or some other rash that might have arisen, COINCIDENTLY, at the very same time I applied THEIR cream to my male anatomy…:-) Too much!

I subsequently went out and tried several other brands, JUST because I’m a glutton for punishment and have more money than brains..:-) While I didn’t get another rash, I certainly didn’t see any size gains, and I guess, looking back…I was probably a bit foolish to expect any. And now, as someone who writes for a popular online Men’s magazine that covers men’s health issues extensively, I can say from the feedback I’ve gotten from OTHER guys, NONE (as in NOT one that I’ve come across!) of the male enhancement creams have worked, for ANYONE I’ve spoken to yet.

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