Marriage Crisis – Is Counseling the Answer?

Is your marriage in serious trouble due to issues with finances, infidelity, communication, children or fighting and you are thinking about counseling to deal with the crisis? Let’s see if it will help!

Counseling definitely can help you work through your marriage crisis but it’s important that you not only get through the issues but change your relationship so you can have a great marriage.

All married couples go through ups and downs in their relationship. There is no reason why couples can’t enjoy the highs and work together to best get through the low points in the marriage. Often times, couples try to avoid solving the problems, and end up with certain parts of their marriage suffering. If the problems persist they often end up in a crisis state.

Marriage counseling can be helpful in helping couples work through issues and discover some of the destructive behaviors that is putting such a strain on the marriage. If couples aren’t careful and make some changes the marriage has a good chance of ending up in divorce court.

The goal of seeking counseling to help end a marriage crisis is to get some objective advice and guidance on how to bring harmony, peace, love and commitment back into the marriage. Often times there are individual sessions as well as joint sessions to help fix the marriage problems.

Also, there are some marriage workshops or weekends to help couples get away and focus on the marriage crisis. Some of these marriage counseling sessions are referred to as marriage encounter or enrichment weekends. On these weekends or during the workshops couples get a chance to work on their marriage with a little guidance from some weekend directors. These are quite effective in helping couples start rebuilding their marriage. However, it’s often difficult to get both spouses to agree to go.

Is counseling good for all couples dealing with a marriage crisis?

The answer is yes but not all counselors are effective and not everyone is comfortable with the traditional go sit on the couch method. Also, traditional counseling sometimes is a little pricey for couples and they don’t want to go bankrupt trying to fix their marriage.

It’s possible to get counseling in your home to help resolve a marriage crisis because there are some programs specifically designed to help you with marriage issues related to;

  • Unresolved conflicts
  • Infidelity
  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Excessive Fighting
  • Ineffective or not enough communication
  • not enough quality time for busy schedules
  • a suffocating partner
  • children issues
  • trial separations

If your marriage crisis involves any or all of the above issues please don’t wait any longer to get counseling.

Please do me a favor and don’t give up on your marriage!

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