Natural Breast Enhancement Side Effects

The world is ruled by vanity and almost every action is dedicated towards looking better than the other. Gender has nothing to do with this belief and both men and women spend large amounts of time and money obsessing over size and appearance.

Breasts are probably the hallmark of womanhood since they virtually identify and separate the sex. Most women feel inadequate if their bust does not fill a particular cup size and that is why the push-up and padded bra industry is doing so well. But, the truth is that a small breast size can create such resentment in women that they wake up each morning to anxiety and depression. A breast augmentation surgery with silicon implants is both expensive and unnatural. Thus, the use of natural breast enhancement supplements is becoming increasingly popular with many companies making tall claims on herbal, no side effect products.

The side effects of natural supplements for breast augmentation have not been studied thoroughly, even by the companies that make and market them. Nearly all supplements make use of herbs that produce substances that resemble the female reproductive hormone estrogen to bring about breast enlargement. High levels of estrogen are well-known cause for breast cancer and thus, these supplements may trigger of latent or benign cancer. Also, most effective supplements use a combination of herbs, sometimes as many as twenty. The effects of so many drugs have never been studied and can range from enlargement of untargeted regions to disruption of the menstrual cycle.

Herbal supplements have a reputation for affecting fetuses and nursing infants. Although there are no reports on such ill effects, caution is advised to all pregnant and nursing mothers. Natural breast enhancement supplements can also cause or complicate cases of fibrocystosis and endometrioses in women with a history of these diseases. Sometimes treatment can lead to acne, increased cellulite deposits and hyperpigmentation. Women should be thorough with their research before embarking on a regime of breast-enhancing supplements. Just because something is natural does not mean it is safe.

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