Online Dating – A Rising Tide in the Ocean of Love!

Online dating has played the role of a rising tide in the modern world where Cupid’s arrow is proving to be entirely accurate. Love has always been given a rank, higher than all other requirements of a kind and has been given prime importance. With more people following the end type seen in cinemas – ‘Single and ready to mingle’, the Internet serves “as the omnipotent and omnipresent platform” to suit everyone’s request and desire.

This dating technique often termed as Internet dating, has gained a lot of popularity with more and more free online dating sites registering their web domains in the World Wide Web. Online dating sites allow individuals, couples and groups to interact and keep in touch with each other for the purpose of developing some intimate relationship. Recent applications on cell phones have also been developed to gain access to online dating sites extremely easy and convenient.

The dating sites organize all their users according to their age, gender, business and home, to make it easy for searchers to find his/her match. Several dating sites provide additional services to get an edge over other sites like video chat, online phone calls, photo and video sharing etc. There are some free online dating sites which do not assume any fee for registration. Some online dating services charge when a person wants to chat with another person while others, request a monthly payment which is quite reasonable. These dating services are highly successful as they provide socialization of people from different backgrounds. Around thirty percent of the people around the globe empower the growing community of online daters and generate revenue of up to a billion dollars.

One of the newest dating sites is OK Cupid which provides the best features without any price at all. One would wonder how these sites could afford to do so. Well, these dating websites earn decent revenue via advertisements and Google AdSense. Another site that has gained immense popularity is Plenty of Fish. The dating website had registered individual online dating users in the past few years, once, up to 25,000 users a single day! I wonder if Yahoo has even achieved that feat. Virtual Dating is an advanced form of online dating with a collection of more interaction like nature avatars and gaming together, which makes sites more attractive.

However, complications are part and parcel of our lives. Online dating sites have particular problems like revealing each other’s entire profile to strangers with whom they may not be easy. Payment problems also think its position. Issues like cheats and frauds may also increase. But at the end of the day, at the dawn of a much more complex and competitive world, “online dating- a graceful movement of people” to come close to one another and bloom in the bonds of love.

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