Online Dating – Learning How to Talk the Talk

Flirting in the online world isn’t all that different from doing so in the material world. Instead of batting eyelashes or blushing, however, it will generally be text on a screen that gets the message across. Understanding how to express interest and what exactly to say can be a little tricky, however. Words can be misunderstood, especially in fast-paced instant messages or somewhat impersonal e-mails.

Learning how to talk the talk to express oneself clearly and effectively online or even in surveys or quizzes can mean the difference between finding a great date or getting stuck with a companion for the night that’s so far from being a good match it is ridiculous.

Since online dating services are the most common means for finding matches on the Internet, the focus here will be on using them. Most of the advice translates to the other avenues for finding potential matches, as well.

Most online dating sites will require users to fill out a form, take a quiz, or at least share their thoughts on their likes, dislikes, interests and more. This is one of the most important steps in ensuring a good match. These forms must be filled out correctly, with honest answers to be effective.

Once matches have been made using the forms or tests, the next steps generally involve more direct communication between the two people. Whether this is via telephone, e-mail, instant message or chat rooms within the dating service site, guarding oneself during this phase is not a bad idea at least for the first few contacts. The basic intent here is to help the people get to know each other and learn more about whether they’d like to take their relationship from the Ethernet into the real world.

Talking in text can pose some challenges. Statements that come out right when voice and inflection are involved don’t always translate well in text. To avoid misunderstandings, keep language concise, but friendly. Do remember that sarcasm almost never translates well in e-mails or messages.

During the first conversation or even first few, it’s not a great idea to share too much personal information. These chats, letters or messages are designed to help the two people get to know each other better. If they go well, then the information can be shared. Personal, in this case, means telephone number, address, place of work and so on. Anything that might give away actual pinpointed whereabouts to a potential date an online service user might decide he or she doesn’t want shouldn’t be given out right away.

Learning how to talk the talk and even how to flirt a little in the online world can help dating service users decide if they want to take the pursuit to the next level. Play it safe at first and then make a conscious decision. If a spark seems to be there, it’s time to move onto the last step.

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