Online Dating – Problems and Opportunities

Two phenomena characterize today’s modern industrial- and service society: an increasingly hectic working environment that requires time and geographic flexibility which may add to an increasing number of divorces and break-ups. More and more singles facing the problem that they do not have enough time to find potential partners in the traditional way, namely in clubs, bars or during public events.

As the internet is more widely available, more lonely people are using online dating opportunities to get to know a potential partner. They can arrange for a date even at unusual times or in unusual places. Admittedly this way of searching for a partner is not without problems: under normal circumstances our “eye” preselects: visual amenities, age and gender all have an impact on our decision, whom we smile at or even talk to. This natural selection is obviously not applicable to the internet environment. Here you have to develop a feeling through analyzing the style of writing, which might not reflect reality.

Moreover it is not possible to verify common interests and hobbies or even the location. The Internet makes it easy to assume a virtual personality and many people use this opportunity, may it be due to curiosity, just for fun or even with shady financial interests. To be safe from a multitude of disappointments it is useful to contact a reliable online dating service. These match potential partners by age and gender preference or in a certain region. Hence they minimize the risk of spending a lot of time without success or even being fooled.

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