Online Dating – What Are Your Chances Of Finding Love Online?

I believe all of us approach online dating with the hope of finding love online. Why else would we “expose” ourselves to strangers?

What are your chances of finding love online? The chances are great if you are honest with yourself and others.

Do not give someone the impression you are interested in them unless you are!

Some of us will “kill time” with someone, just waiting for someone more interesting to come along!

That is not fair and it usually back fires!

What are your chances of finding love online? There is a very good chance, if you know what you want in your partner.

List what you do and do not want in your life, then go on an “armed” mission to find that person!

Do not settle for less…you don’t have to! Any type of person you can imagine and dream of…is online! Be steadfast and do not give up until you find it!

If you want someone 5’10” and above, do not think you have to settle for someone shorter because the last 10 emails you received were from singles 5’8″ and BELOW!

What are the chances of finding love online? That is up to you…are you willing to spend the time “finding” that “Love” that was custom designed just for you?

Let me warn you about something I have seen time and time again; A “Single” will get tired of not getting emails from other Singles that “ring their bells” and will settle on a 2nd rate choice. Then, eventually someone comes along that is more “fitting” for them. Now what do they do? There are now mutual feelings that have started…

What would you do…?

It could have all been avoided if they would have waited just a little bit longer.

Please take the time to first “arm” yourself with the online dating skills you must have to make this journey painless, safe, and worth your while!

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