Online Single Dating – How To Write The Perfect Profile

Always be Honest and truthful

If you don’t it might well come back and haunt you! Think about it the most important thing about successful Online Single Dating is trust if you don’t have it any partnership will break down.

Describe yourself accurately

Height, weight, color of eyes. Think about it! Nothing could be worse than meeting your date for the first time only to find out that they had distorted the truth. It is doomed to fail. Also remember everyone wants and expects a genuine date not Mr or Miss perfect.

Don’t go into to much detail

Nothing could be worse than reading someone banging on and on about themselves, it could come across as self obsession. Just place your self in your potential dates shoes ( I don’t mean wear high heels). Don’t bore them keep them interested so they would always come back for more. Remember you’re searching for a date not writing for a job application.

Sound Optimistic

Be positive and show a sense of humor perhaps make a joke of something you have done! Always check spellings . Also remember everything in your profile can be read by anyone so no phone numbers, address or anything personal that could back fire against you.

Photo Choice

Select a photo that shows you in the best light, a smiling photo. Remember a ‘ Smile can warm even the coldest of hearts ‘. Perhaps a photo of you with a hobby or interest it can always create a talking point. Maybe some one else likes walking their dog, or cycling in the park. This can always strike a chord with someone who has a similar interest. So the choice of photo can say more about you.

Building up Trust

Start off slowly and build up trust in each other, it is not a race. If they are genuine they will appreciate it and stay with it.

Take the Risk out of Online Dating

You may feel that Online Single Dating is the best thing since sliced bread. But you must take care of yourself. There have been many scare stories of pervert predators on the net. So be careful, it’s like anything, anywhere in life you have to be on your guard. Use your intuition, if it feels wrong dump them, always be in control. Stop emailing a date that is pushy and wants to much information. That is why when you first meet your date you have not up to that point in time given away your address and telephone number or to many personal details. Because if things went sour this information could not be used against you. It is all common sense. For the first dates you should meet several times in a public place. Tell your friends what you are doing and where. Just be in control, and be cautious. Before meeting you could always ask for references from friends and work or family. Anyone can spin a yarn but by reinforcing a statement with a fact makes it much more believable. Genuine people will have no objection they’ll probably respect you for it.

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