Penis Enlargement – Natural and Herbal Techniques For Penis Enhancement

Penis enlargement procedures are techniques that will help to make the human penis larger. These procedures range from manual exercises to enhancement devices and medical interventions that can either lead to success or to failure.

General Information

Just as exercise triggers an increase in the size of the body muscles, exercising the penis also forces the body to start multiplying the cells that make up the penis tissues. This helps increase both the length and girth of the penis.

Apart from all natural exercises, the penis can also be enlarged surgically. But, this is without doubt the more expensive option, and no surgical procedure can be undertaken lightly. There are two main types of penis enlargement surgery:

The first is where the fat is removed from elsewhere on the body and injected into the shaft to enlarge its girth

The other method is to cut the suspensory ligaments that hold the organ erect. This can allow more of the shaft of the penis to be visible, but may cause some problems gaining erections after the surgery

There are various other devices that are available, such as vacuum pumps, pills, patches, creams, and weights, where it is a slower more prolonged process.

As only a few studies have been conducted on the different methods, it’s difficult to understand which products and methods are worth investing in.

Why do males want penis enlargement

Penis size is on the mind of most men from time to time. Having the penis of your dreams can make a huge difference, from enhanced self esteem to increased confidence and an improved sex life.

Techniques, Medications & Products for Penis Enhancement

There is no one method that will give you everything you want, when you want. All gains come at a cost. Sometimes this cost is financial. More often the trade-off is the expense of time, effort and occasionally, your health.

The best method is the one that works for you. The most popular method is natural male penis enlargement because the costs are almost negligible and it can yield quick results. Then of course there are traction devices which are a good option for those looking to add inches throughout the day.

In addition, there are penis pumps which many men claim have increased their penis size. Very recently, penis pills, creams and solutions have also been introduced into the market for penis enlargement. Nevertheless, most of these have to be used with exercises or another enlargement device to work effectively.

Medications like pills, patches and liquids usually only succeed in increasing the blood flow to the penis. Nonetheless, these can compliment growth when a person is already performing natural exercises or using an enhancement device. It’s therefore best to first concentrate on the exercises and then try the pills for enhanced effectiveness.

If you use weights or pumps, then in the long term you are likely to lose 0.5 inches off that length. However, if you use natural enlargement products, then the “cooling down” process gradually weans you off the program and helps keep the results you have gained permanent.

Advantages / Disadvantages

Penis enlargement comes with both advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the individual to make an informed decision as to which product or medication bests suits their body type.

The advantages are:

It enhances self-confidence that is visible in all areas of your life like work, communicating with the opposite sex and stable work-life relationships; bigger penis acts as a huge self-confidence boost.

It enhances sexual pleasure.

It’s a visual turn-on.

The disadvantages are:

It is not always very safe; you must begin slowly and build up over time using manual exercises with penis enlargement pills

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