Penis – The Best Enhancement Exercise is Stretching

Penis enlargement exercises have become more and more popular over the years yet some men have never even heard of it. For men who have problems with small penis size these exercises are very effective, simply put they are a series of techniques designed to send more blood flow to the penis thus making it permanently longer and thicker. This is done through different methods such as massaging, rubbing and stretching the penis.

There are many exercise methods available and they all yield different results. One such method is known as penis stretching and is a great way to increase the length of the penis by stretching its ligaments. The exercise should be done when the penis is semi erect.

First perform a proper warm up procedure. To do this all you need is a rag and some hot water. Warm the rag then squeeze most of the water out and wrap it around the penis and keep it on for 2 minutes or until the heat subsides, reheat the rag and repeat this step for a few more times, after the warm up process is complete you are free to begin the actual exercise.

Grasp the head of the penis firmly and stretch at a 90 degree angle in a downward position, stretch the penis as far as possible without inflicting any pain, while pulling perform the PC flex exercise and hold for 30 seconds. Release the penis and shake it 20 times in a circular motion for proper blood circulation. Repeat this method three more times, first pulling the penis to the left, then to the right and finally upwards.

When you first begin this exercise make sure that you apply light pressure to the penis and as time progresses you can increase the pressure to this region. An advanced method of the exercise can be done in a sitting position. Grasp the penis with your forefinger and thumb while holding on to the end of chair using the other three fingers, stretch the penis as far as you can.

There is also another advanced variation which stretches the ligaments of the penis. First stretch the penis straight out and press down on the base of your penis with your free hand and thumb, do not apply a lot of pressure when doing this as it can result in injury. After doing this exercise for a few weeks it can be done while in the shower as the hot water will help with stretching the ligaments.

There is also another variation for advanced users which must be done while the penis is fully erect. Grasp the shaft of the penis and push down with as much force as possible, then pull down and release, do this for 20 seconds after which you should constantly and forcefully pull the penis without releasing the pressure and hold this for 30 seconds. Next release the hold and shake the penis in order to release the built up tension. After doing this remember to perform a proper cool down session.

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