Proceeding From Friendship Zone to Dating Zone

It has happened too many times than not, that good friends decide to wind up as lovers. It gets really tricky because Friendship is the foundation of any good relationship but not all friendships have a romantic chemistry.

What if you are ready to take it to the next level and he/she isn’t? Believe me, that is some real embarrassing scenario. But if you never give in to the feelings, you just might never know what would have become.

Before you decide to switch gears, you have to find out if your partner is interested in you in like manner, that is more than mere friends, and when you guys finally take the leap, ensure the friendship keeps running. Abandoning the friendship and jumping on four furs at the relationship would prove a folly in time.

Try to keep the communication channels open. As much as sensitivity is highly appreciated, do not fail to relate some worrisome issues about your partner to him/her. Most importantly, don’t expect too much. Welcome to the Dating zone buddy, here things ain’t as smooth sailing as they naturally are in the Friendship zone.

Issues are bound to surface, tongue-lashing and tears will drop by once in a while. (Arguments) the neighbor who lives 3 streets away will be sure to stop by for dinner sometime but be sure not to let all of these overwhelm you. And also do not be disappointed when things do not turn out as exactly planned, it’s the ‘humaneness’ at work.

A noteworthy point is that when the romantic era is over, couples have friendship to fall back on, and there-in lies the trick. Earlier in the relationship, the move is from Friendship to dating zone, but many years later when dating transcends to marriage, there will be another switch back. Both zones are just as important so guard them closely and jealously.

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