Prostate Massage Stimulation – How to Explore the Tantric Path to Male Sexuality

Originating in India, tantric philosophy is an ancient system of techniques and practices designed to relax the mind and body, open up awareness, and encourage the circulation of energy – both physical and sexual though out the body. Often referred to as the science of love and awareness, tantra has been use to deepen the connection between lovers, and to expand the sensual and sexual life.

Ancient tantrists believed that the prostate gland was the centre of masculine emotion, sexuality and energy. Therefore special tantric massage techniques have been developed to release this energy and encourage the flow through the body. Adding a lingam massage to the prostate massage is not only pleasurable, it also encourages a man to master climax and control there by becoming a more masterful lover and encouraging the development of great orgasmic potential.

The prostate gland is the size of a quarter and is located under the bladder near the rectal wall. It is protected by the rectal wall, and therefore cannot be touched directly. Instead sensual tantric massage techniques are used to stimulate these pleasure receptors.

To start your prostate massage, both the receiver and giver should prepare by relaxing and cleansing the body. A sensual bath or shower, either separately or together with your lover is a great way to prepare for this experience. Get the room ready by creating a sensual ambiance – through candles/soft lighting, music, cushions and a scents.

Following a sensual body massage you can then proceed to the prostate massage. Just make sure that he is very relaxed and comfortable.The prostate gland is accessed through the anus, therefore when entering a man, latex gloves and water based lubrication should be used. This is for hygiene reasons, and to protect this sensitive area. The male should sit or lie comfortably on his back with knees drawn up towards the chest to allow the giver easy access to the anus. Gently press against the anus until the muscles relax and the finger is drawn in.

Now begin your tantric sexual healing and pleasure passage by applying gently massage techniques and strokes to the prostate.

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