Proven Methods of Male Enhancement – Get a Bigger Penis at Home

There are infinite number of products and methods that claim to add size to the male genitalia but not all of them are credible enough methods. Most of such products are ineffective and a sheer waste of money, effort and time. Some of them can even be dangerous and can have a severely damaging effect on your erectile tissue.

It is best not to use products like vacuum pumps, weights, silicone injections etc., Neither is surgery a very reliable method. All these products and methods lack any scientific evidence to suggest their claims of real and permanent penis enlargement.

Proven Methods of Male Enhancement

Real and permanent penis enlargement is not a myth or something impossible. There are methods that can help you get a bigger penis naturally and safely within the comfort of your own home. Such methods do not involve use of expensive procedures and gadgets. Simple and easy penis exercises can do the job.

Such exercises are called Jelqs. Though these exercises have existed since ancient times what makes them even more credible today is that they are now validated through scientific evidence to suggest their efficacy in real male enhancement. Such exercises help expand the erectile tissue so that it can hold more blood. This is the same method that is used by some tribal women to enlarge their necks.

More blood holding capacity of the erectile tissue means larger and thicker erections.

Another method that has gained a lot of popularity is a penis traction device. These devices perform jelqs on your penis by exerting pressure through traction once worn on the penis. You need to wear the device for at least 2-6 hours a day.

Both these methods ensure penis growth of upto 3 inches within a few months in most cases. There are men who have gained more than 3 inches but upto 3 inches is a rather realistic target.

Another highly recommended approach is to combine natural pills with exercises. Natural pills give a much needed thrust to the penis growth by enhancing blood circulation to the penis. You must keep in mind that the size of your penis is not only determined by the capacity of erectile tissue to hold blood but also by the amount of blood being pumped into the penis.

Natural pills enhance blood flow to the genitals and help penis muscles relax to allow more blood into the shaft leading to fuller and meatier erections coupled with an increase in your staying power. libido and semen production so that you can enjoy explosive orgasms.

High quality pills come with free access to specialized exercise programs to help you get the maximum sexual enhancement in these hard pressed times.

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