Qualities of a True Friend

When we enter into friendship with someone we like, we really think highly of them and even expect a lot from them. Friends are an essential part of life and, it is all about meeting true people who can become true friends. If you wish to become somebody’s friend or wish to know about making friends, the following is a list of qualities of a true friend. The qualities may differ from person to person but, the following are very common. First, a true partner in friendship will not support you when you are wrong. They will seek ways to tell you what they think and why they think it. This is in a bid to safeguard your interests. They may not always be right but, their input if for a sincere reason are very vital. Therefore, a good friend may not always agree with all you have to say. When they notice that you are being treated unfairly, good friends will seek to defend you. They would not stand to see any harm come to you.

Qualities of a true friend will be impartiality. This will be in regard to race, religion, color, occupation and so on. They will also not regard difference in social status. True friends will love you mutually for who you are. You will know this by their actions. Many black and white friends have come a long way by admiring the qualities in each other and doing away with social pressures. If your friend is like this, you have it made. True allies will always stick by your side no matter what the pressure in their lives is. True companions in friendship are those who are always there for you. There is no real friendship between you and people you hardly see. Friendship is something you do not just feel. You need to spend quality time with each other so as to help grow your relationship. Also on qualities, a good mate should be there for you when you need to let something out. They provide a shoulder to lean on when nobody can do that.

A true friend will go out of his or her way to give to great advice. In society, our friends or those close to us, play a major role in helping us make decisions. The will give their input but will allow you the chance to make your own mind. After this, they will still respect you for who you are. Good friends are those who are able to read your mind and moods. Theirs is usually a peace mission that is guided by affection and concern. There are so many other qualities to look out for. Apart from loving, they should be loyal and dedicated to being your friend. Often times, many fall short of the above qualities and as a result, many friends fall out. Do not forget to have room for forgiveness in your relationship. Many times, friends are at fault but this does not mean that they are bad.

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