Racing Pigeon Feed – Energy Sources

I know when it comes to racing season, the pressure is on for both you, and your racing pigeons. You have to make sure you trained them enough, and most importantly did you feed them the right amount before the big race!

So what is the right amount of energy to feed your racing pigeons? Well it depends what type of race it is, if it is a short race then less energy is required that a long distance race. That is quite obvious now isn’t it? But how much is enough is the question I want to have an answer to. Right now we just go on what has worked, and what has not, we are not sure exactly how much energy is needed for a pigeon for a long distance race.

For example, on long distance races I put raw peanuts in my racing pigeon feed because it gives them a longer lasting energy that usually works out well for me. But who knows if I give them to much or too little, or is there something better out there?

So my advice is if you are wondering what to put in your racing pigeon feed for races, learn from experienced fanciers what works and what doesn’t. There is no formula out yet that will give you an exact amount. Even though I have heard of some universities working on something!

Make your racing pigeon feed light, very little to no peanuts and other such things for short distance races, as they need to be lighter and just need a small amount of bursting energy. But for long distance races add peanuts for longer lasting energy, and do not increase the protein like some fanciers think you should for races. It is energy, we want, not proteins. Proteins are excellent nutrients to put in your racing pigeon feed during breeding season, not for races though. Good fats are another thing that you will want for long distance races as it will provide them with energy for the duration of the race, as carbohydrates are used up quite quickly at the beginning of the races. Carbohydrates and fats are your energy sources that you will want to take time to learn about and use for your pigeons.

Take this information and try it out for yourself, see what works for your pigeons. There is nothing wrong with grabbing a bunch of information from different sources and trying them out for yourself and seeing what works for you, and what doesn’t. That is how you will become successful in the racing pigeon sport!

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