Reconnecting With the Old People in Your Life: A Source of Sheer Joy

People come in touch with you in your lifespan. Not everyone stays but leaves. That is life. But sometimes, if you wish, you may reconnect with the old people in your life years later magically through old emails, old phone numbers or even social media. That is when you experience moments of joy. This has happened to me this year itself, 2015 and undoubtedly, I was excited to get in touch. Read on in order to find out how it was possible for me.

My university friend, after remarrying, had left for Canada and after a short duration of years, I was out of touch. My old cell phone was not working; therefore, I got a new one. But I also took the pains of fixing my old cell phone, and I learnt from the repair shop that it only needed a new battery. So I had the battery replaced and had the phone, as a whole, charged up anyway. I didn’t think it will ever come to use. But one day it rang out loudly. I saw an unknown number displaying but still took the call only to find out that it was my old university female friend who had come back on a vacation. We chatted for some time, giving each other the updates of our lives. And boy it felt good, really good indeed!

And then there was another occasion when I wanted to share some fiction stories that I had authored on a free site and thought of sending them to my best school friend with whom I had lost touch for a few years but nevertheless sent her a message at her old email address. And to my surprise, there came a prompt reply. She exclaimed that she almost fell in her chair when she saw my name in her inbox. She promised to read my fiction stories and give me feedback, and she also gave some updates of her current life.

And the last reconnection I had was kind of telepathic because although I had emailed him at his old address, I didn’t get a direct reply but had reasons to believe that he had read my email. He was the manager of a company for whom I had worked overseas years before, and it happened that currently I had completed the design of a fresh new website full of free resources and positive content, and I sent him the URL of that site through the email address that was years and years old and that also on his birthday. Now how did I remember his birthday after all these years? The answer is simple because the day and month of his birthday coincided with mine. Although I didn’t get a reply, he had done what I had wished for in that email, and that was about spreading the wealth by sharing the URL with his colleagues and friends. Now how did I know he did me that favor? This was because I got a huge traffic to my brand new site immediately after contacting him.

Reconnecting with the old people in your life is not a bad idea after all just because they dropped out of your life and lost touch with you. It is possible to reconnect in ways I have described in this article, and it gives you immense joy, on the contrary, sometimes even to the extent of euphoria, which is simply hard to forget.

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