Saving Your Marriage After an Affair: Building Intimacy In a Relationship

Reconnecting with your spouse as a method of saving your marriage after an affair is something that can assist you in creating a fresh start together. It’s not uncommon for women who’ve been cheated on to fear rebuilding intimacy with their husbands once they’ve discovered their unfaithfulness. If these women choose to date again after divorcing their husbands, they can still manage to carry their distrust into a relationship with another man all the same, which puts their potential to enjoy a rich life in danger.

Intimacy creates a feeling of safety and security in relationships between partners, so it’s highly important that you’re able to work out the kinks in your marriage in order to manifest the sexy, healthy and happy marriage you’ve been wanting since you’ve gotten with your spouse.

Thinking back, you surely remember that there was once a time where being married and involved with your husband wasn’t scary but an overwhelmingly beautiful and honestly soul-stirring experience. Sure, things have changed, especially since he turned to another woman for that warmth after a while. But if you really love him, you’ll be open to reconnecting with the man you love so much and work together to recreate the passion you once shared.

Rebuilding intimacy is not easy once trust is gone, lost and broken. Sometimes, when our emotions and trust are shattered, it’s in irrevocable amount of damage that doesn’t allow us to reopen our hearts to certain situations. However, there are ways you can try to reconnect with your husband to see if you’re open to making your marriage work.

Speaking to your husband about your honest thoughts about his actions in a respectful manner that doesn’t deliberately berate him or make him feel on edge is one method of learning to rebuild closeness with one another. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to speak to him as soon as you discover his infidelity. In fact, chances are you’re more than disgusted, annoyed and irritated with him if your feelings are raw and you’re early into the discovery of his affair.

Consider using a marriage counselor to create a temporary bridge between the distance the both of you have between each other since the discovery of his affair. A marriage counselor is an unbiased third party that will help you and your wayward spouse to iron out the issues that are hidden within your marriage which possibly led to your husband’s affair and the emotional disconnect between the two of you.

In addition to this, begin inviting your spouse to enjoy outings with you that allow you to get to know each other again. Getting to know each other’s likes, strengths, weaknesses and favorites all over again will help rebuild the connection between you in an innocent, “dating someone new again” type manner.

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