Sir Walter Weed Control and How To Care for Your Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn

Sir Walter Weed Control can be carried out effectively if the Lawn Carer understands some basics of Lawn Turf Grasses and available Lawn Care products.

As Australia’s most popular and best selling Buffalo Turf grass, it is highly regarded as a recreational (warm season) turf grass not just for its aesthetic good looks but also for its high tolerance of herbicides registered for the control of broadleaf and other weeds.

Sir Walter is one of around 10-12 Buffalo varieties on the market in Australia. Of these Buffalo grasses (also known as St Augustine grass in North America), there are three (3) varieties known as the ST group (including ST26, ST85 and ST91) that are well known for not tolerating herbicides registered for use on Buffalo turf. The effect on these grasses after being sprayed with the herbicide containing Bromoxynil (the active constituent registered for the safe and effective control of clover, bindii, dandelions, etc in Buffalo) is severe leaf damage and complete death of affected stolons (runners).

The control of weeds in Sir Walter Buffalo can be carried out in a number of ways including:

1. manually removing weeds from the turf

2. regular lawn mowing (with a catcher – to pick up clippings) to minimize spread of weed seeds

3. correct watering regime to minimize ideal conditions for weed growth, and finally

4. spraying the affected lawn area with a registered herbicide that is safe and effective in its control of weeds in the turf

Other tips for looking after your Sir Walter lawn include regular and frequent mowing (at around 30mm high mowing height) to minimize thatch and sponge-yness.

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