Success Is Predictable

Just like any experienced farmer would be surprised if a tree planted by rivers of waters fails to yield fruit in it’s season, so would observers be surprised if you carefully followed definite success principles and still end up a failure. Let adults take their minds back to when they were teenagers in high school. They’ll remember that despite the effect of peer pressure and the tendencies of following after youthful exuberance in their teen years, their academic performances always improved tremendously in any academic session where they were able to discipline themselves for self application towards their studies. Such discipline may come from teachers, parents or guardians. They always came out with better grades because they were following definite academic success principles as laid out for them by people who knew them

In life, family and career, experts who have taken time to study the causes of success have come up with two outstanding factors viz;

1.THE ART OR PRINCIPLE OF MAKING YOURSELF READY FOR SUCCESS. Failure and success resides initially in the same place. Both tendencies are initially in all individuals. People fail in any endeavour because they unconsciously enhance failure tendencies in themselves by refusing to inculcate the necessary success habits, To succeed you have to choose to and get yourself ready for it. Ask yourself the area you desire success now. Find out how those who have succeeded there did it. Then start following their examples. Just like in Normal educational institutions, Life has a way of promoting you from a lower to higher level of life whenever you pass the tests it throws on your way. Like as the failure of any school exams results in the student having to resit the exam, a man becomes stagnated whenever he fails to learn the required life’s lesson necessary for his advancement. Please bear in mind that your readiness starts from your unseen realm; your spirit and your mind. It is only perfected in the physical.

2. THE OPPORTUNITY THAT COMES YOUR WAY. Many erroneously believe that opportunity in life comes but once. That is not true! Life itself is one bundle of opportunity irrespective of where you reside. It all depends upon your perspective of life and what you want out of it.. The readiness to utilize the opportunity has always been the problem. That’s why the man or woman heading for success utilizes every single moment of their life preparing, shaping up themselves for the moment the opportunity shows up. Proper utilization of a huge opportunity by reason of your capability to do so, results in a colossal success too. Every dog they say has it’s ‘day,’ but everyday is the dog’s day if only the dog was prepared enough to seize the opportunities that come across it’s way. The day he swings it however is when he receives the usual applaud from fellow mortals with voices telling him “congratulations You finally made it.” The call that day his ‘DAY’

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