Taoist Erotic Massage For Gays and Lesbians

Many gays and lesbians are discovering the sensual and erotic power of a taoist erotic massage.

The massage was created by Joseph Kramer as a way that gays could have a safe sexual connection without any aids risk when aids first hit the USA.

Soon it was realized how powerful and healing this massage was and a version was created for woman. Many straight men and women also have found this type of massage just totally magic.

The massage takes 1 to 2 hours and it is important to set up a sensual space with good music and soft lights.

Having warm massage oil is a nice touch. It is a good idea to have the massage bottle in warm water. The massage does includes genital massage, so a quality lubricant is handy.

The key to the taoist erotic massage is the breath. One is instructed to take all the effort on the in breath and totally relax and let go on the out breath.

The next instruction is to make some sounds on the out breath and to have ones mouth open too.

The man massaging also can follow the man or woman on the massage table as this creates and builds a nice connection.

The breath should be from the belly, so the belly rises and falls with each breath. It is important not to hyperventilate during the massage as this can cause numbness in the finders or lips.

The first part of the massage can include relaxing massage strokes on all areas of the body.

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