The Best Sex Position to Satisfy a Woman in Bed

There are lots of sex positions that you can try out in bed but most men tend to go for the ones that suit them and not their woman. To be a truly great lover you need to find the best sex positions to satisfy your woman in bed.

There are several of these that will put a smile on her face but the best two are quite the opposite from each other. One is where she is in charge and the other is where you take control.

The woman in top is great sex position to satisfy her because not only does she get the feeling of power over you but she also controls the depth and speed of penetration. This position also makes most men last longer before ejaculating.

The best sex position to satisfy a woman sexually though is more of a sex act than an actual position. It is cunnilingus and is the one sexual act that will give her an orgasm 99 times out of 100. Cunnilingus when performed well can lead to multiple orgasms and even squirting female ejaculation.

While cunnilingus is the absolute best way to satisfy a woman in bed don’t forget that women need more than just the sex. Unlike men sex for a woman is as much of a mental thing as a physical one. So make sure to tell her how much you fancy her and how much just looking at her turns you on.

To recap, there are loads of sex positions that can satisfy a woman in bed but none of them come even close to the pleasure that cunnilingus can give to her.

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