The Reason for Gay and Lesbian Characteristics and Feelings

It is an abomination that the prejudice against LGBT people is led mostly by religious teachings. This is based on the bible, mostly the New Testament, that has a dubious origin and was produced by Jerome, the doctor of the Catholic Church. My reincarnation brought me back from being a man in my last life to a woman’s body in this one. It was confusing at first and many issues had to be worked through before accepting my new form.

Many are born with this dilemma. They simply can’t adjust to their situation and when memories of their former self play havoc they try to revert to their previous roles. It doesn’t mean that they remember their reincarnation because most don’t. The other thing that happens is if they are aware of and talk about it they may well be talked out of it.

In my case another language came with me that protected my memory and for years the Spirit warned me not to say anything. It is that communication with the Higher Power that led me to research the origin of the religious roots. They were found in Babylon and the Islamic religion of that city.

There the Mother God was Mary, which means ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and that is the sun. In worship of the stylised woman created by men to worship ‘her’ they forbid any form of sexual pleasure that was not of ‘marriage’ formalised in a ritual. Women were and are discriminated against because of the male relationship with this image.

The Catholic Church was established by Constantine based on these Islamic principles. He was a Roman Emperor with power to force everyone to worship the beast he created, namely Jesus Christ (Revelation 13:15) and he is 666 (ibid 13:18).

The New Testament came into being later when Jerome was appointed to create a text that all could follow in order to intensify the religious power and to bring the fledgling church together. Augustine was appointed to form the Muslim Branch to further strengthen its influence and control. These things happened at the end of the 4th and beginning of the 5th centuries.

The Vatican, which was built by Constantine over the temple of Jupiter (Peter in English) is called St. Peter’s because of its location. Jerome ‘doctored’ the Septuagint, a book of Jewish origin, and added stories to it while changing some to suit his work. He noted this in his diaries. He added to and subtracted from it at will before publishing the combined work as the Vulgate.

He also changed the language of the Church to Latin, one he was familiar with, to avoid criticism by the Jews. The power the religion has over people remains because 666 was given free reign over the people and the World Order is based on his systems.

The LGBT communities are victims of both the religions and the systems that started in Babylon and continue today. It’s the Spirit that is enabling the truth to be told and it has supplied the Internet so that all can see it without charge. We are in the end times when it is prophesied that the facts will be revealed.

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