The Simplest 3 Ways to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Addicted to You Again

Want to get your ex-girlfriend addicted to you the way she was when you first started dating? I’ll give you a three step plan that will enable you to start the reconciliation process with your ex-girlfriend.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to stop agonizing over the breakup, start living the life that makes you happy, and then, repair the damage done to your relationship.

1. Allow yourself to rest.

Before you go texting your ex repeatedly and trying to get her back in a desperate way, it’s best to stop and simply allow yourself to rest.

Breakups are extremely difficult, and they put a lot of stress on the mind and body. As with any stressful event, you need to give yourself time to enjoy life again. Most of us get sucked into a negative post-breakup cycle that only ends up in more misery (usually for our ex, too).

It’s much better simply to take a break from the pain and sadness by getting your mind off it.

Focus on doing things you enjoy in this post-breakup period. Call a friend and play your favorite sport. Pursue an old hobby you’ve lost touch with. Go after things you’re really passionate about – and reconnect with those old passions.

2. Get your mind clear and agile again.

When you’ve completed step one, you’ll be able to see more clearly what you want to do next. If that’s continuing to pursue your ex, you can go down that road.

Note that you may find, after reconnecting with your passions, that your desperation for your ex-girlfriend is much less.

Getting your mind clear and agile is vital. It’s best to be outside to get this to work. Doing activities that require you to be outdoors is a good idea, because it makes you focus on the world around you. It gets your mind out of breakup blues-land, and into “positive energy” land.

This positive energy allows you to continue to step 3, which is to begin the reconciliation process.

3. Begin to reconnect with your ex-girlfriend.

There’s a specific, highly successful way that you can do this which involves writing your ex a letter. I recommend this letter technique because it piques her interest, and also lets her know that you have moved on (you really haven’t of course).

This makes her want to get back in touch with you. She’ll want to know how you could possibly be so happy after a breakup. This whole time she’ll have assumed you were depressed and miserable, so writing her a letter (in the specific formula I’m going to share with you) will make her realize she was wrong.

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