The Value of Female Friendships

I once thought the more friends I had determined how popular I was, and in truth I wasn’t very popular at all. I look back and realize quantity was more important than quality, and didn’t choose my friendships wisely. We all want to fit in don’t we? Whether we are 13 or 30, friendships play a huge role in our lives, especially female friendships. But it is tough, and if I am to be totally honest, women can be catty, critical, and judgemental and it is difficult to find those that we can can along with. But when we do we need nurture and protect these friendships and help them grow.

Speaking from experience, I know just how precious female friends can be, because I lost one of mine at 21. I was at an age where mortality hadn’t even crossed my mind, and the thought of death was something I hadn’t even considered, especially at such a young age. Her death was a shock to all who knew her, and it was a very long time before I recovered from it. But when I did, my view of friendship and what it meant had changed. I started to realize that who I hung around with made a big difference, and started to seek out those that encouraged me and lifted me up instead of tearing me down.

One of the reasons I believe female friends are to be valued is because they are so hard to find. Women are such fragile creatures, most of us are insecure and vulnerable and feel challenged by those who we think are prettier, more successful, or have better relationships. It is because of this competitive nature between women that gets in the way of making a true connection. It is seldom that we find someone we can open up to and let down our guard. Someone we can share our pain with as well as our joys, and it is exactly for this reason we should cherish them. A true friend will be by your side no matter what, to share with you the good and the bad.

I encourage all of you to cherish your friends, especially the female ones. For they are the shoulders you cry on, the ones that you confide in, the ones you can be yourself around. Don’t take advantage and assume they will always be there, because life is short and anything can happen. Don’t let a day go by where you don’t let them know how you feel.

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