Tips On Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level Physically

Sex is one of the factors that can make or break your relationship. If you allow it too soon with the wrong guy chances are that you’ll lose your self-respect and the guy himself since this is what he sought in the first place. On the other hand, if you delay it with Mr. Right, you may push him into believing that you’re not interested enough in taking your relationship to the next level.

After having and breaking off many relationships, your ability to realize who’s wrong or right for you may be a little blurry. Therefore, before you shave your legs and spread satin bed sheets, use the following five questions to assess your relationship’s readiness for a sexual encounter of the hot type.

How Deeply Do You Feel For Him?

Though very cliché, your feelings have a major role in your decision. However, here’s the twist: you shouldn’t be so madly in love that you can’t see his faults. I have been so smitten in the past that I couldn’t accept my friends’ honest criticism of faults I blindly overlooked. This, of course, lead to a major heartbreak at the end, but that’s another story. So, if you want to start enjoying each other physically, you should be invested in one another emotionally yet still be able to recognize each other’s faults and work with them.

Are You Compatible Mentally?

If you’re feel strongly against casual sex, you may want to assess your and his mental compatibility. After all, you’re trying to take your relationship to the next level and not just end up in bed with him. So, find out what his thoughts are on different subjects and discover the man behind the hot body you’re thinking about during those cold lonely nights. However, remember that this process will take some time because some sneaky guys can fake their opinions to jump into your bed. So, probe him intellectually often but don’t take him to your bedroom until you’re sure that your minds click.

How Comfortable Are You with Him?

Your comfort level speaks volumes of your readiness to become physically related to your man. After all, he will be seeing you without your makeup and your “shape enhancing” clothing. Physical stripping aside, you should be ready to emotionally reveal yourself to him if you’re really comfortable around him. So, without comfort in the equation, you should eliminate sex from the bed.

Does He Care for Your Needs?

Aside from those in the bed, your man should be caring to your emotional and mental needs. If he satisfies both, chances are that he will be a considerate lover. However, you will need to be completely alert to see if he really goes the extra mile to see you smile. In addition, you will need a little more time for this aspect to make sure that he’s genuinely caring and not just faking it.

How Bright (or Bleak) is Your Future?

Thinking about your near and distant future is important for going the next level. After all, physical relations can lead to commitment. If you can’t see yourself with him in a few months, let alone years, it may be a bad idea to try anything physical even if it’s just to test how committed he will become.

Consider these questions to decide if he’s ready to be introduced to the temptress you keep hidden from the outside world.

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