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There’s something unique about being a vegetarian. Many see it as either a collection of “hippie” or “fad diets” or are just closed-minded. In reality, though, nothing could be further from the truth. Vegetarianism doesn’t close off nearly as many dietary and culinary avenues as it opens up! As we all know, it’s more than a mere culinary decision – it’s a commitment, a statement about yourself, and a way of life.

With so much that seems artificial, unreal, or flat-out brutal and barbaric in today’s day and age, vegetarianism can serve as a reminder of a more peaceful, pacifistic lifestyle. It’s a powerful statement about who you are and what you believe in, and it helps define you in a very real way. As such, it’s precisely the sort of thing that you should take into consideration when searching for love online!

Online Dating and Vegetarianism

Online dating is all about putting yourself out there and sharing your most important attributes with the Internet in the hopes of finding, as Shakespeare put it, “a marriage of true minds” with a soul mate. Thank goodness, then, for the growth of online dating sites catering specifically to vegetarians and “green culture!”

There are many vegetarian dating sites online. This has followed in the wake of the blossoming of vegetarianism in the popular consciousness (with everyone from Paul McCartney to Lisa Simpson signing off meat and going green) the growth culture of vegetarian culture and, of course, the explosion of increasingly specialized dating sites. A decade ago, dating sites were more broad and generalized; today, there’s far more demand for sites which allow you to date like-minded people.

Things to Keep in Mind

All that being said there are important things to keep in mind when exploring any vegetarian dating service. For example, how personal is too personal? The answer to this question is going to vary for everyone, but there are some general guidelines to consider. First, while sharing something such as your vegetarianism is perfectly fine and even commendable in its honesty and openness, you should, in general, refrain from giving out information which feels too personal.

If unsure, ask yourself how comfortable you’d really be with a stranger having this information about you.

You’re also likely going to meet people who have different ideas about the nature of vegetarian culture or the extent to which they care to practice vegetarianism. That’s perfectly fine, and can even be the source of some fascinating and invigorating conversations between you and your new match! Just remember that difference is just as important in a relationship as common interests are, and that vegetarianism should be a unifying force, rather than something that keeps you and your match apart.

Finally, remember that a core tenant of vegetarianism is the love of that which is “natural.” In other words, be bold, be yourself, and watch your love life bloom!

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