Wake Up To A Higher Consciousness Using Brainwave Entrainment

Waking up to a higher consciousness, can also be called spiritual enlightenment, and is an amazing journey that you can brainwave entrainment, a scientifically proven technology that gently alters your brainwave frequency to a desired state, changing its consciousness, to aid you in a faster and more effective evolution.

Your consciousness is always awake and enlightened, but the amount of wakefulness or awareness that is present in any moment can vary. At different times in your life, you will experience different states of consciousness, all always on the edge of the potential for full awareness or enlightenment. You have infinite potential to expand and awaken into your higher consciousness or stay in a narrow or limited experience. Either way, all expressions of consciousness are equally valid and valuable.

Awakening to a higher consciousness can occur on an individual basis or can reflect a global consciousness and group collective. The more people awaken, the more our reality shifts.

And just because you may be spiritually awakening, doesn’t mean that you won’t make mistakes. What is different, is that you will reflect on these mistakes and find their value on your journey.

How Life Changes As You Awaken To A Higher Consciousness

· You no longer fear death but consider it as a part of your spiritual evolution, a reconnecting with “All That Is”, or God. You recognize that the people that have affected you, no matter how long they were with you, were there for a mutual spiritual journey and that you may reconnect with them in another plane.

· You may change your perspective on life. You may lose your ability to “hate” anyone, no matter the circumstances. You recognize how someone negative in your life may be a source of spiritual education and part of a plan.

· You may find that you isolate yourself from people you used to be close to or are related to. It is you that they are uncomfortable with. You are on a different journey and they may not understand your spiritual evolution.

· You may view things differently. You recognize that retaliating with the same energy as someone negative, is only increasing the negative energy. You forgive those who have hurt you and you forgive yourself.

· You realize that this “lifetime” is only part of a very large “lifetime” and that you have a long way to go and may return to this world in the future.

· You presence encompasses positivity and in that light, you raise the vibration of any negativity that you encounter.

· You lose your strong connection to your ego and materialism. Money and its acquisition lose their importance to you. You appreciate being in the world and connected to nature. You feel that you could never harm anything again… even a tree or a bug.

· You feel a deeper connection to life, including every living and non-living thing on the Earth and Universe. You realize what affects someone else, also affects you.

Once you decide to awaken to a higher consciousness, and do it the easy way with brainwave entrainment, you can’t go back.

You have opened the door to your spiritual evolution. Your spiritual awakening will change your life, and those around you, in the most positive way.

You will become more like your higher self, everyday.

Awaken to your higher consciousness in a strong but gentle way, using specifically designed brainwave entrainment recordings.

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