What 3 Tips About the Importance of Friendship Does Every Mom Need to Know?

Grasping the importance of friendship and putting just a few of the tips into action empowers children in every aspect of their life as kids and then as adults.

Keeping friends is a skill children can learn. Without the ability for keeping friends children are guaranteed to suffer more than children who have deep, intimate, meaningful friendships.

The following 3 tips can help your children keep friends.

TIP 1: Mom, teach your children to get along with others, to accept others.

Children, like adults, come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Just like the old saying: “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” the same is true of people.

Mom, help your children to accept others for who they are, not who your child wants them to be.

Just like you’ve had to do with each of your children. You accept each one as a loving, sacred, precious gift your Creator has given you.

The more children accept others with whatever shortcomings they have, the easier it is to get along with others.

Then, your child can pick and choose exactly who she wants to make a close friendship with.

This is the first key in grasping the importance of friendship.

TIP 2: Mom, teach your kids forgiveness. Help your kids learn to forgive and forget by sharing personal examples of your own forgiving and forgetting.

Be real, let your children know that forgiveness is the cornerstone for loving friendships.

TIP 3: The surest, quickest way to keep friends is by becoming a good listener.

Help your children learn to listen to other people, to truly hear their words, even when the words seem to be contrary to your child’s own beliefs.

Most people are starving to be heard; very few people care enough about other people to truly listen to them.

Most of us need to express ourselves, and your child does too. BUT, the child who learns to listen to others and respond with a kind, caring, compassionate heart will have all the friends she needs.

To summarize 3 tips that illustrate the importance of friendship, mom, help your child learn to forgive others, to accept others as they are, and to be a good listener.

Then watch her friendships grow by leaps and bounds!

For even more friendship keeping skills, mom, visit the resource box that follows, and check out the Discover 7 Powerful Skills All Friendships Require e-course.

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