What’s the Number 18 Reason You Can’t Find Love?

The 18 reason you can’t find love seems illogical if two people are together for love. It would seem they are together to experience things together. When that does not happen, you have to ask what is really happening. The number 18 reason is you will not give your significant other what they want. This is unfortunate because the relationship has to be fed. Both are responsible for feeding the relationship. If you both withhold, the relationship starves to death.

This happens more than people want to admit. If you refuse to give your partner what they want and you are able, why are you with them? If you are playing tit for tat because you believe they are holding out, you both lose.

In most cases, people do not have open conversations about what the other wants. They assume they know what is desired. In many cases, those assumptions are made based on past experience. In other words, they believe because they have had a relationship in the past, they know what everyone wants. So instead of asking the new love of their life what they need in a relationship, they assume they already know. What’s worse is they withhold it. Withholding can be a form a manipulation or control. It’s a way to tell the person they have to do things your way. Otherwise, they will be deprived of affection or some other important aspect of a relationship. When both start playing that game, everyone loses.

So if you are able to give them what they want, give it to them. Or find someone you want to give it to.

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