When Male Enhancement Becomes DANGEROUS – 6 Important Things To Know Before You Start!

The words dangerous and male enhancement unfortunately seem to go hand-in-hand nowadays! More and more do you see horror stories popping up of men who attempted to make their penis grow bigger using a particular method and then ended up with some type of serious side-effect, deformity, and even in some cases, diseases!

Having said that, getting a bigger penis can in fact be safe. HOW safe is another story. Most of the methods out here have too many side-effects with them to make them be called safe. But there is one method that is not only the most effective and complete male enlargement method, but also the most safest there is. I’ll talk about that at the end of this article. In the meantime, here are 6 important things I strongly recommend you take note of when considering an option for getting your manhood bigger. Please read through this whole article. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I (and many other men) have made… and then paid for those mistakes with all sorts of issues.

So, here are 6 ways a penis enlargement method can become flat-out DANGEROUS:

1. Pumps can become dangerous if you purchase the cheap brands and/or if you use them improperly.

2. Extenders can become dangerous also if you purchase the low-cost extenders and/or if you use them the wrong way.

3. Clamping tools can become dangerous the moment you use them… so please avoid these contraptions!

4. Hanging weights become dangerous the moment you THINK about using them! Please avoid this method by all means necessary! I know it may be the oldest method, but that certainly doesn’t qualify it as the safest method!

5. Surgery becomes dangerous if just one tiny thing goes wrong during the procedure! Now that’s a scary thought. Nonetheless, the procedures are EXTREMELY costly, this method has a high percentage of causing deformity with the penis, this method is of course nowhere near natural, and recovering from the procedure takes up to a couple of months… and no sexual activities are allowed this entire time!

6. Penis exercises can become dangerous if you do them too long, if you do them the wrong way, if you do certain routines without using the recommended lubricant, and/or if you try to do these routines without following the guidance of a reputable penis exercise program.

What’s The Least Dangerous And Most Effective Out Of All Methods?

As you can see from above, penis exercises appear to be the least dangerous… and they are. Doing these routines require only your hands and some natural lubrication for specific exercise routines. Not only is this method the least dangerous out of them all, it is also the most effective and most complete method as well. This is because exercises break down cell tissue with your penile shaft. Once this happens (naturally), the cells will regrow and thus expand your penile chambers so that they can fill up with more blood when you reach an erection.

Also, I used the word “complete” because this method doesn’t just increase your size, it also enhances your sex life as well given that it will strengthen your PC muscle. With this muscle strengthened, you will be able to have explosive ejaculation, longer lasting intercourse, the ability to control when you orgasm, and more.

So, you gain inches in length, more girth, a firmer erection, and other benefits as well, when you decide to go the natural route with exercising your manhood. And as you can see from above, this is also the least dangerous method of them all. In fact, the only way this method can get dangerous is to not follow the simple instructions found in reputable penis exercise programs.

So, if you are considering getting yourself a larger endowment, then I hope this article has shed some light on what you should avoid so that you won’t put yourself at risk of getting side-effects, deformity, etc. I also hope that you realize how truly beneficial it is to just simply avoid the risks all together and just go the natural route.

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