Why Men Pull Away From Women

“Why do you behave like this?” “Don’t you love me anymore?” These are just two of the most often asked questions of women to their partner. Women often think that men are very unpredictable and that they have the tendency of having an easy change of heart. But what they do not know is that men are very easy to read. So, for you women out there who feel that your partner is starting to pull away from you, read this article up to the very last sentence and you might just be able to save your relationship before it’s too late.

Constant fighting

One of the many reasons why men pull away from women is because they are tired of fighting with their partner. Men can be easily irritated when they are always being scolded. For this reason, when you encounter problems with your boyfriend, try not to start a quarrel with him. Instead, approach him in the nicest way that you can. Discuss how you feel and be open to him. When you do this, he will also do the same and thus this will allow the both of you to be able to talk about matters at hand without scolding one another.

The feeling of suffocation

Sometimes, men can feel much suffocated especially when women always want to be around him. This is a big NO-NO for women. Instead, let your partner hang out with his friends and do not limit him of the things that he can do. Always remember that some of his friends were already part of his life even before you arrived. After all, if he really loves you, he will never break the trust that you gave him. Furthermore, do not text or call him every hour of the day. You are his girlfriend, not his mother.

The need of having some time alone

You might not believe this but some men also wants to spend some time alone. Men do not usually want to let others see his weaker side. Thus, when he experiences difficulties like family problems or other personal issues, he prefers to handle it on his own. For this reason, try not to constantly text him or call him during this kind of situation. Instead, trust in him and understand him. For sure, he will also miss you and will call you in no time.

Other reasons for pulling away

Aside from the mentioned problems above, there are still a lot of reasons why men pull away from women. Thus, if you feel like your boyfriend is slipping away, try to evaluate the things that might have caused it. Furthermore, try to “reinvent” yourself if needed. Always remember that deep inside, men would also like women to take care of them. Lastly, do not get too jealous about his friends especially those of the opposite sex. This will only cause damage to your relationship. Instead, trust in him and show him how much you love him.

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