Why Must You Ignore Your Ex-Girlfriend After a Breakup?

If you’re a man and you’ve just undergone a very serious breakup with your girlfriend, I highly suggest for you to read this article. No, this is not one of those cheesy write-ups about methods in getting a girlfriend back; I will delve in the understanding of the human psyche so that you can get a gist of what’s happening psychologically whenever a breakup occurs in a relationship.

Ever since I was a teenager I have discovered that all women, regardless of age, figure, worldview, or social status, operate the same manner once they get hurt: they block out the source of such hurt. So, don’t be surprised whenever women ignore you completely after they’ve broken up with you. That’s just their way of ensuring that you can not do more damage to her anymore.

Now that she’s become numb to your every word and will discard your every action, is there any point in trying to reconnect with her again? Of course not – you’ve broken her trust and spoiled her love for you – trust me, your words don’t mean anything to her right now. So regardless of how much you plead for her to come back, regardless of the moves you make just so you can impress her, there is no way you can get her back into your life. Not yet.

Most men fail to realize that the best course of action after a breakup is INACTION. What does that mean? It basically means that you will stop trying to do anything to affect her judgment. Therefore, no desperate pleading or asking for forgiveness, not in the mean time. You must give your girlfriend time and space to contemplate on the breakup. You must leave her alone and ignore her.

Isn’t that such a great plan? Not much effort on your part, and yet it is effective. The principle behind ignoring your ex-girlfriend completely is this: no successful relationship is ever forced. You didn’t force her to become your girlfriend, right? In the same manner, you can’t just barge right in, ask for an apology and expect to be taken back in return. Furthermore, a breakup needs time to heal, and if you fight the healing process you’re just dragging the relationship further and further down the stretch.

A lot of experts say that the average time span to ensure an effective inaction technique is more or less two weeks. By that time, your ex-girlfriend will be wondering what you’ve been up to, why you haven’t tried to call, and why you just completely disappeared off the radar. We concur with the two-week rule because we’ve seen it work in countless relationships.

Here are some of the things you MUSTN’T do if you resolve to ignore her for two weeks:

1) Texting her first

2) Messaging her online (Facebook, e-mail, etc.)

3) Be in the same room for than five minutes

4) Actively seek her in a crowd

5) Calling her

The great thing about this strategy is that it works regardless of your relationship’s situation. Even if you’ve broken up with her for months already, this will still work. Just block her out from her life the same way she’s blocking you. See, women love the chase and if the man stops chasing, she will definitely worry and seek you out again.

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