Your Boyfriend Slammed the Door and Walked Out on You – Can You Ever Reconnect With Him?

Mistakes are made. You jump to conclusions. You overreact. You say things you don’t really mean. A fight breaks out. He blows up. He leaves and slams the door. It’s over.

When your man walks out on you by slamming the door in your face, what can you do to reconnect with him when you desperately want him back? Heat of the moment arguments can be devastating to a relationship, even if they’re the result of miscommunication or over stupid things that aren’t really important.

First, remember you have to consider what your man wants. At this point he’s probably angry and doesn’t know for sure. Just because you want to win him back doesn’t mean he’s going to be ready to take you back.

Before you can get your ex boyfriend back, you need to find the courage and strength to accept being alone if that’s what happens. Accepting that you will be OK with or without him will allow you to relax and take rational actions to win him back. If you let desperation and despair overcome you, then you will most likely act in a way that will push him further away.

Figure out what went wrong in the relationship. Was the fight over something stupid? Did you misunderstand him or jump to conclusions before you got the whole story? Are there control issues in the relationship? Are your needs or the needs of your boyfriend not getting met? Reconnecting with your ex will do absolutely no good if you can’t identify and address the problems in your relationship.

Next, don’t let emotions control your actions. Men feel extremely uncomfortable around emotional women. That uncomfortable feeling makes them want to run.

If you let your emotions force yourself on your ex boyfriend in the form of texting, phone calls, going over to see him, apologizing, begging, doing him favors, etc. every time you miss him, then you’ll only keep him from coming back to you.

When your man slams the door and walks out on you, let him go. Don’t chase him. Don’t pressure him. Give him time away from you. You have to allow him to miss you.

Time and space not only allow him to calm down and figure out what he wants, but they also give you time to calm yourself so you don’t make any hasty decisions which could be fatal to your relationship.

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